Frequently asked questions

What consumers have asked us...

  • Q: What is Smeeple?

  • Q: What does Smeeple mean?

  • Q: How do I book a session with an expert?

  • Q: What if I need to reschedule or cancel a session?

  • Q: How do I prepare for an upcoming session?

  • Q: Can I communicate with the expert before a session?

  • Q: Are there things I shouldn't discuss during a session?

  • Q: Do I need to be on WiFi?

  • Q: What if I run into technical issues before/during a session?

  • Q: Will I receive a recording or transcript of the session?

  • Q: How do I watch a previous session's recording?

  • Q: What if I'm dissatisfied with a session?

  • Q: How are the experts verified?

  • Q: How do I refer an expert to Smeeple?

  • Q: Can I be an expert if I live outside the United States?

  • Q: What payment types are accepted?

  • Q: How is my privacy protected?

  • Q: What are the safety guidelines?

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